Santa Ana Partition Actions Attorney Mark S. Martinez

Santa Ana Partition Actions Attorney
Mark S. Martinez

If you are dealing with issues regarding jointly owned or inherited property in California, Partition Actions Lawyer Mark S. Martinez is prepared to help you effectively resolve the matter. Mr. Martinez is a highly experienced real estate attorney who can protect your investments and fight for an equitable division of property. The Law Offices of Mark. S. Martinez represents residential and commercial property owners in Santa Ana and throughout the surrounding communities with personalized legal services. Contact Mr. Martinez at (714) 442-9741 and arrange for a consultation. He can review your unique situation, learn about your objectives, and evaluate the real property and the fractional ownership of the other involved parties. Partitions Lawyer Mark Martinez is prepared to offer guidance for your next steps and the ways our firm can work to resolve your real estate dispute.  

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What is a Partition Action and How Can it be Resolved?

A partition action is the legal proceeding used to divide a property that is jointly owned between two or more co-owners. This process is commonly utilized when one or more of the co-owners want to sell their portion of the property, but the other co-owners are not willing to sell or buy them out. Partition actions often come from inherited property when there is a dispute among the co-owners. Ownership problems also come when investors or non-married partners have a falling out. The situation can become volatile when the involved parties are also tenants on the property.

Partition Attorney Mark S. Martinez understands all facets of handling these cases, including the newest legislation. He realizes that, depending on the circumstances, filing a petition action can be complex and emotional. He will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and guide you through every step of the process. 

Types of Partition Actions in California

If you are facing a property dispute in California, a partition action may be necessary to resolve the issue. Common types of partition actions include:

  • Partition by Sale occurs when the court orders the property to be sold with the proceeds divided among the co-owners. This option is often chosen when the co-owners cannot agree on the value of the property or if one co-owner wishes to sell their share and the other co-owner cannot afford to buy them out. 
  • Partition in Kind is another option. This involves dividing the property among the co-owners. In this scenario, the court will order a physical division of the property into separate portions, with each co-owner receiving their portion. This option is often chosen when the property is large enough to be divided without significantly diminishing its value.

When considering a partition action, it is essential to work with an experienced real estate attorney and partition actions lawyer who understands the nuances of California law. Mr. Martinez works tirelessly to protect each client’s rights to achieve the best possible outcome. 

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