Orange Truck Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez

Orange Truck Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez

Orange Truck Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez works to retrieve the maximum financial compensation possible for those injured. While commercial truck accident cases are similar in some ways to car accident cases, there are important differences that a skilled truck accident attorney will be aware of. A truck accident may be more legally complex and likely to include multiple opposing parties.

Our personal injury law firm has represented injured truck drivers and other injured individuals for many years. At The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez, we are well aware of the tactics used by many insurance companies trying to underpay injured individuals. Orange Attorney Martinez is interested in the best interests of the client, and he works to gain each one the best compensation possible.

If you need knowledgeable representation after being injured in a trucking accident, contact Orange Truck Accident Lawyer Mark Martinez. Getting your life back on track is much easier with better compensation and skilled legal counsel. We understand that it is difficult to work after being injured and that this affects your level of income. We stand up for your interests by zealously pursuing all the compensation you deserve for your injuries. This can help you and your loved ones overcome the challenges of your injuries and get things back to normal. Call our office at (714) 442-9741 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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Commercial Truck Accidents in California

Semi-trucks bring so much weight and bulk to an accident, and this of course greatly increases the potential for severe injuries. Semi-truck accidents are by nature more dangerous than car accidents, whether they happen on a city street or on the freeway. Such accidents involving commercial trucks become even more serious when they are carrying oversized or bulk cargo.

Commercial trucks are designed and used for various purposes, and there are specialized licenses for each. With such specialization, there will often be multiple parties liable in a commercial truck accident. To illustrate, if an accident were caused by a municipal or city truck driver, the city of Orange may be liable for damages incurred. If an accident were to happen on a piece of private commercial property, there could be other parties held responsible. Besides the actual truck driver being at fault, there may also be liability on the part of a trucking company, trailer owner, truck manufacturer, or truck mechanic.

Reliable Representation for a Trucking Accident

Orange Truck Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez examines all aspects of each case. His many years of experience mean he is skilled in handling insurance companies and dealing with their various tactics. Mr. Martinez knows how to cut through the bureaucracy and guide clients to a fair and proper outcome. Our law firm has first-hand knowledge of how some insurance companies make every attempt possible to avoid their legal obligation of paying a claim. This can especially be the situation when multiple insurance companies are involved and each blames the other side.

Lawyer Martinez is ready to handle all these tactics, and he diligently holds trucking companies responsible when the situation warrants it. He is aware that if federal, state, and local trucking laws are violated, this can create a more dangerous situation for everyone on the road, including heavy-duty commercial vehicle drivers. Our truck accident law firm takes our role seriously in protecting client interests and therefore every driver out there. We diligently work to ensure that the proper compensation is paid to injured individuals.

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Have you or a family member suffered injuries in any kind of truck accident? If so, call The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez to arrange for a personal consultation. He wants to help you put your life back together after a serious accident injury. Contact our office by calling (714) 442-9741 and let us start working on gaining the maximum financial compensation for your injuries.