Orange Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mark Martinez

Orange Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Mark Martinez

Orange Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez represents riders and passengers who have been hurt in a motorcycle crash. Our personal injury law firm, The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez takes the steps needed to help clients gain the most compensation possible for their accident case. We represent individuals who have been in any type of motorcycle accident, including street or off-road.

At our firm, we know how severely a motorcycle accident can affect someone’s life. Large medical bills along with related expenses will likely pile up for injured riders as well as for passengers. These bills become quite difficult to pay when one cannot work due to their injuries. Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez knows how to gain the proper compensation for injured clients, and he has helped many individuals to do so already. To discuss your accident case and any questions you have, schedule a free consultation by calling (714) 442-9741.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Orange, CA

Motorcycle riders are susceptible to serious injuries when an accident occurs, whether it takes place on one of California’s highways or streets. Bikes are less protected than most other vehicles on the road. If other drivers are not paying attention properly, severe problems can result. For example, if a motorist fails to check their mirrors when changing lanes or turning, there is the potential for devastating injuries to occur.

If you, a family member, or another loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident, finding reliable legal guidance is important. California law regarding accidents provides for only a limited period of time wherein an injured person can file for damages. If the injured party fails to take the appropriate legal action within the legal timeframe, they may no longer be entitled to compensation for their injuries and related expenses. There are also some notable differences in how a motorcycle accident case should be handled as opposed to how a car accident case should be handled. Finding a lawyer who is experienced in motorcycle accidents will protect your interests, and Orange Attorney Martinez has a thorough understanding of what is needed to maximize an injured client’s compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries & Damages

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and have been injured, get medical attention immediately. When possible, the following items are also helpful to perform while you are at the scene where the accident took place:

  1. Inform the police of the accident so they can assess things and fill out a report.
  2. Take photos (cell phone pictures work) of the other vehicle’s license plate as well as the other driver’s license and insurance information.
  3. Take photos and video of the scene of the accident.
  4. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

It usually takes a fair amount of time for a motorcycle rider to recover from severe injuries, and much can be involved in their treatment. The law allows for many types of compensation to be awarded according to what injuries were inflicted and certain related detail:

Lost Wages: Reimbursement for income lost due to being unable to work.

Medical Expenses: Cost of needed current and future rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and medical care.

Property Damage: Expenses related to repair of the motorcycle (if applicable), vehicle rental, diminution in value, and loss of use.

Monetary Damages: Compensation for loss of consortium and pain & suffering as well as for loss of companionship and loss of society.

Punitive Damages: Some cases will include specific conditions where intentional or reckless behavior of the other driver can be proven, and this may mean that additional damages, of a punitive nature, can be awarded.

Consult a Knowledgeable Orange Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

After sustaining injuries during a motorcycle accident, there are some important steps needed to protect your rights. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Reach out to The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez by calling (714) 442-9741. We will schedule a personal consultation for you so we can answer questions, explain rights, and guide you in gaining compensation to begin recovering physically and monetarily after being injured in a motorcycle accident.