Garden Grove Rideshare Accident Lawyer
Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Rideshare Accident Lawyer
Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Rideshare Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez helps individuals receive the maximum compensation for injuries sustained in an Uber accident or Lyft accident. When a rideshare accident happens, riders may be left unsure about who should compensate them for their injuries. Since the vehicles used for ridesharing are privately owned, liability may be somewhat difficult to determine. In these cases, there are multiple parties who likely share responsibility for injuries and damages.

Injured rideshare passengers are aggressively represented by The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez. Our founding lawyer and entire injury law firm provide knowledgeable assistance at every step of your personal injury claim. We carefully examine the case to ensure proper compensation is sought for all eligible injuries, damages, and losses. Attorney Martinez understands how to deal with insurance companies and their methods.

If you have questions or would like to know what your legal options are, call Garden Grove Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer Mark Martinez. We help individuals get their life back on track after a Lyft or Uber accident. We will guide you through each stage of your case and only accept fees after we have gained a favorable settlement or judgment for you. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call our firm at (714) 442-9741.

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Rideshare Accidents in California

Ridesharing has been gaining in popularity over recent years. It has become second nature for people to click on their app and summon a Lyft or Uber ride as needed at any time. The service is quite convenient when a one-way ride is needed, especially for situations where you would otherwise need to leave your vehicle accruing parking fees at the airport or a similar location. Many individuals use ridesharing as their main form of transportation or to avoid driving under the influence. In each situation where ridesharing is used, the situation is a relatively new one involving someone else’s personal vehicle and a paid, untrained driver.

While there are unarguably many benefits associated, ridesharing also includes some risks of which many are unaware. The heavy traffic in Southern California is no secret, and this poses an increased risk of ridesharing accidents that involve serious injuries. Lyft and Uber drivers in California are required to carry car insurance on top of what the ridesharing company has. Because of this, accidents that occur often will involve more than one insurance policy and may become somewhat complex.

Compensation for Injuries from a Lyft or Uber Accident

Rideshare drivers must follow all safety and traffic regulations just as is required for other drivers. The driver will be making stops, tending to the rideshare app, and seeing to music or conversation with their passenger – all at the same time. Despite these multiple draws on their attention, drivers must make their primary concern that of safety. In situations where an accident occurs, liability may be assigned depending on which part of the ride or work was happening at the time of the accident. This determination of liability is another reason rideshare accidents can become complex.

It is a matter of fact that insurance companies will generally always deny responsibility at first. Rideshare Lawyer Martinez is informed and experienced in these matters. He understands how insurance companies operate. His response is to aggressively pursue every type of compensation for injured rideshare accident victims. This method may include filing a claim against the driver’s personal insurance policy. Liability may fall to the driver’s personal policy even when the driver of the other vehicle was responsible for the accident.

Contact a Knowledgeable Rideshare Attorney

If you would like dependable representation for your case, call our rideshare accident law firm at (714) 442-9741. The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez provide a free consultation and understand what is needed to properly protect the rights of those injured in a rideshare accident. We help those injured in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and throughout the state of California. If you or a family member have been hurt in an Uber or Lyft ride, contact Garden Grove Attorney Martinez to begin your injury claim and ensure you will meet all required deadlines.