Garden Grove Pedestrian Accident Attorney
Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Pedestrian Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez represents those injured in all types of pedestrian accidents. The injuries experienced in these accidents are often severe and involve a high degree of pain & suffering as well as medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that make recovery a difficult process.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Martinez for strong representation. He uses his experience and knowledge of the law to fight for the compensation that clients should receive for their injuries. Some accidents may involve a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle, a bicycle, or another type of hazard. In all cases, it is vital that a qualified lawyer is consulted soon after the accident. This is because there are deadlines involved in accident cases, and a claim for compensation can only be pursued within the legal time limit.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez is a personal injury law firm that cares about gaining the highest compensation for clients injured in pedestrian accidents. Our years of experience allow us to properly take care of every detail of the case at hand. We know how to effectively deal with insurance companies and their strategies so that our injured clients can remain focused on recovery. Our firm provides representation to clients all throughout California. Contact us at (714) 442-9741 to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your case. Garden Grove Attorney Martinez will answer your questions and explain how he can uphold your interests.

Our offices are centrally located in Orange County to better serve clients from surrounding areas.

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Pedestrian Accidents in Garden Grove, California

In situations where a vehicle fails to stop for a crosswalk or jumps the curb and strikes a pedestrian on the sidewalk, there is of course a high potential for severe injuries to occur. Many pedestrian accidents are severe because traffic is frequently involved. California law directs that drivers yield to pedestrians and maintain control of their vehicle at all times. This law is tragically not always heeded, and the injuries resulting from distracted and/or speeding drivers are often serious and even fatal.

If you have been hurt in an accident, it is important to quickly consult a skilled injury attorney. They will help you pursue effective legal action within the allowed timeframe and obtain financial compensation from the party or parties responsible. Injuries that pedestrians sustain may include broken bones, severed limbs, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and others.

Compensation Due for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Mr. Martinez is a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer who will pursue compensation for all eligible expenses. This can include medical expenses, pain & suffering, and lost income. Additionally, punitive damages may be sought in situations where a driver was reckless. When a vehicle has been involved, the driver’s auto insurance may only provide compensation up to the policy limits. This amount may not fully cover the expenses that are due the injured party. Our personal injury law firm looks for all avenues of liability in order to ensure the highest judgment or settlement possible.

Consult with Pedestrian Accident Attorney Mark Martinez

With his many years spent defending the rights of injured accident victims, Garden Grove Lawyer Martinez understands what is needed to take the stress off of clients and gain proper compensation for them. The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez provide a no-fee consultation to discuss your injury case, be informed of your options, and learn how we can help you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your case. We handle the details so every deadline is met and the legal rights of clients are protected. Call (714) 442-9741 to schedule your appointment.