Garden Grove Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Mark Martinez

When someone is hurt in a bicycle accident, they are likely eligible to collect compensation under the law. Garden Grove Bicycle Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez is a strong advocate for cycling communities in California. He helps clients obtain the maximum compensation in their personal injury cases, including bicycle accident lawsuits.

Mr. Martinez is a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer who understands the nuances of how personal injury law applies to a bicycle accident injury case. In some instances, it may be difficult to identify and then prove which party is liable. This difficulty compounds when more than two parties were involved in the accident. In all situations however, those injured because of the negligence of another are entitled by law to compensation. If you have questions about this or any aspect of your bicycle injury case, we can help.

To schedule an appointment with The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez, call our firm at (714) 442-9741. We offer a complimentary consultation and do not collect attorney fees until after obtaining a favorable judgment or settlement for you. Our personal injury law firm knows how to hold accountable the responsible parties. We pursue each avenue of compensation to be certain to gain the proper results for clients.

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Garden Grove's Preferred Bicycle Accident Team

Bicycle Accident Injuries in Garden Grove

People of all ages can enjoy bicycling in Southern California. It serves as transportation as well as entertainment and exercise. Riders can be seen cycling along city streets and also quiet suburban neighborhoods. Our mild climate allows bicyclists to enjoy their sport at all times of the year, day and night.

Traffic signs clearly indicate where bicyclists must share the road with drivers and where they are expected to use the bike lane. However, some drivers fail to realize that there are times when bicyclists are to be given the same consideration as a vehicle. Automobile drivers are an unfortunate cause of many bicycle accidents and may not see bicyclists. This is a common occurrence when the driver is distracted. Due to the smaller mass and weight of a bicycle compared to a car or truck, severe injuries often result to the cyclist.

Compensation for Injuries in a Bicycle Accident

If a bicycle rider has been injured in an accident, Personal Injury Attorney Martinez can help them obtain proper financial compensation. The law in California allows for an injured party to be compensated for their injuries and expenses stemming from the accident. Such injury cases could qualify for one or more of the following kinds of compensation:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earning potential
  • Loss of property
  • Lost wages

Consult a Reliable Bicycle Accident Attorney

After a bicycle accident occurs, consulting a knowledgeable injury lawyer is the sensible course. Garden Grove Bicycle Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez examines every avenue of compensation from all liable parties. He works to make sure clients receive the compensation they are due. To schedule a free consultation with our accident law firm, call (714) 442-9741. There are no upfront charges, and we only collect our fees after we have reached a favorable judgment or settlement for you.