Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Personal Injury Attorney Mark S. Martinez helps injured accident victims to gain justice and the monetary compensation that is deserved. Our personal injury law firm safeguards the rights and best interests of accident injury clients as we pursue all avenues of liability to obtain the highest compensation possible. If someone has been injured as a result of another’s negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior, taking legal action may be the best way to gain closure and move forward. Call The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez today to find aggressive representation tailored to your situation and accident injury claim. Schedule a consultation with our accident attorney by dialing (714) 442-9741. You will not pay any attorney fees until we win your case for you.

Our legal team is located centrally in Orange County, California so we can provide effective legal counsel to injured individuals throughout the area.

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Personal Injury Law | Supporting Injured Clients

The laws in California provide only a limited time in which accident victims may sue for the injuries that have been inflicted. Injury Lawyer Mark Martinez provides insightful legal guidance regarding the deadlines for filing an injury claim. If the claim is not made within the legally designated timeframe, the injury victim may lose their opportunity to gain financial compensation for the harm they have experienced.

Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Martinez is highly experienced and skilled in representing clients in many types of personal injury cases:

  • Auto Accidents – Car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in California, and compensation can be obtained for the resulting injuries.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Street accidents and off-road accidents that involve motorcycles often create severe injuries for riders and passengers.
  • Truck Accidents – Big rig crashes are likely to involve negligence coming from multiple parties.
  • Bicycle Accidents – A bike crash may occur when on the road with other vehicles or when on a bike trail.
  • Rideshare Accidents – Individuals who are injured in a Lyft or Uber accident are able to pursue compensation from the rideshare company.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents – Premises liability cases involve unsafe conditions that cause serious injuries for which property owners can be liable.
  • Pedestrian Accidents – When someone is walking near a road and is injured by a vehicle, a personal injury claim can be filed to gain proper compensation.

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Injured Individuals

After being injured in an accident, some may be unsure of where to start or from whom to seek assistance. There may be a growing pile of medical bills that are difficult to pay – especially when work has been missed due to the injury. An accident victim may ask, “How much can I get for my personal injury case?” Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Mark Martinez offers personalized representation to help clients understand what is involved in their case. His preliminary legal counsel includes discussing how much your personal injury accident may be worth.

The laws in California regarding financial compensation for personal injury accident victims take into account several factors including the type of injury, the circumstances around the cause of the accident, and the amount of medical care needed. Garden Grove Attorney Martinez diligently pursues the maximum financial compensation in all applicable areas:

Economic Damages – Our personal injury firm helps individuals gain compensation for out-of-pocket expenses caused by the injury. This includes past, current, and future medical bills as well as loss of past, current, and future wages.

Non-Economic Damages – These are also called “special damages” and include financial compensation for pain & suffering, loss of companionship, loss of society, and loss of consortium.

Property Damage – These expenses relate to car repair, renting a vehicle, loss of use, and diminution in value.

Punitive Damages – There are circumstances in which punitive damages can be deemed appropriate. They may be given when intentional or reckless actions by the defendant can be proven to have caused an unreasonable risk of injury to other parties.

When an injured person is partially at fault for their injuries, California law allows a jury or judge to reduce the compensation provided by the percentage of responsibility that is assigned to them. In such a situation, Garden Grove Injury Attorney Mark Martinez fights to reduce clients’ personal liability and secure the maximum compensation possible.

In some cases, there are multiple individuals and/or companies named as defendants in a personal injury claim. Our founding attorney carefully reviews each case to identify which parties should be named as negligent and/or liable. Catastrophic injuries may impact an individual for the rest of their life, so it is best to have an experienced lawyer analyze how to maximize compensation. This may include life care planning to cover future medical care expenses.

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Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez is ready to help clients get their lives back together after a devastating injury. He will not collect payment until after he wins your case for you. Call us today at (714) 442-9741 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.