Garden Grove Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez

Garden Grove Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mark Martinez

Garden Grove Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark Martinez offers skilled representation for those who have been injured in any kind of motorcycle crash. The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez work to obtain the best compensation possible for injured motorcycle riders and their passengers. Our personal injury law firm can help in your recovery from an off-road or street motorcycle accident.

We understand that a severe motorcycle accident can heavily impact one’s life. Riders and passengers are likely to incur large medical bills and related expenses that are basically impossible to pay off since the injured person is likely unable to work for a time. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark Martinez knows how to help clients obtain the compensation they deserve, and he has already helped many to do exactly that. If you would like to discuss your motorcycle accident case with Mr. Martinez, call (714) 442-9741 to schedule a consultation.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Garden Grove

Since motorcycles are relatively unprotected vehicles, riders are more susceptible to injuries when involved in an accident on California’s highways and streets. If another driver is not properly attentive, this can lead to serious problems for motorcyclists. For example, failure to check one’s mirrors when driving a car or truck can end up causing devastating injuries for a motorcycle rider.

Have you or a loved one been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, it is important to obtain experienced legal guidance. The laws in California governing accidents allow only a limited amount of time in which an injured party can claim damages. If legal action is not taken within the allotted time allowed, this may permanently waive the right to collect compensation. There are important differences in the way a car accident and motorcycle accident should be pursued, and Garden Grove Attorney Martinez understands how to handle these cases properly so that the maximum compensation is gained for the client.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Related Damages

When a motorcycle accident has caused serious injuries, it is important to get medical attention right away. If possible, it is helpful to also complete the following items while at the scene:

  1. Advise police of the situation so they can come to assess the situation and create a report.
  2. Using your cell phone if needed, get photos of the license plate, insurance, and driver’s license of the other driver.
  3. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene.
  4. Get in touch with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle rider’s injuries are often severe, so the time needed to recover may be painful and lengthy. There are multiple kinds of compensation that the injured may be qualified to collect, depending on the injuries and details of the accident:

Lost Wages: Compensation for lost income from missing work.

Medical Expenses: Bills related to any required medical care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, including future expenses.

Property Damage: Covers the cost of repairing the motorcycle (when repair is possible), renting a vehicle, loss of use, and diminution in value.

Monetary Damages: Financial compensation for pain & suffering, loss of consortium, loss of society, and loss of companionship.

Punitive Damages: If certain specifics can be demonstrated including intentional or reckless actions by the other party, punitive damages may also be collected.

Call a Reliable Garden Grove Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

When someone has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to protect your rights and interests by contacting a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney. Call The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez at (714) 442-9741 to make an appointment for a personal consultation. We are ready to answer your questions, explain your rights, and help you gain the compensation you need and deserve to recover from your injuries.