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Anaheim Truck Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez

Anaheim Truck Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez works to gain justice and the full financial compensation that is due injured clients. Although some may assume that a commercial truck accident would be handled the same as a car crash, there are important differences. A truck accident is usually more complex and involves multiple parties. It is vital that you discuss your specific situation with a skilled truck accident attorney.

With extensive experience in the representation of injured truck drivers and other individuals involved in a truck accident, The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez understands how insurance companies try to handle these cases. We work to gain you the maximum compensation possible under the law.

Contact Anaheim Truck Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez for effective legal guidance after you have been in a trucking accident. At our personal injury law firm, we want to help you get your life back to normal after a serious injury. We know that your injuries are likely to cause challenges in earning your income. Our legal team pursues the financial compensation you deserve to help overcome those challenges. To make an appointment for a personal consultation, reach out to us at (714) 442-9741.

Anaheim Truck Accident Attorney Mark S. Martinez
Anaheim's Preferred Truck Accident Team

Commercial Truck Accidents in California

A semi-truck accident is inherently more dangerous than a car accident due to the greater bulk and weight involved. Whether the accident occurs on a city street or a freeway, commercial truck accidents create injuries of a far more serous nature. The effects can be further compounded if oversized or bulk cargo was being transported.

Since a commercial truck driver holds special licenses for duties involved in the regular course of their job, multiple parties may be involved in a resulting accident case. To illustrate, if a city truck was being driven and caused the accident, the city of Anaheim could be held liable for damages. If the accident occurred on private property such as at an amusement park, other parties may share responsibility. In addition, the truck mechanic, truck manufacturer, truck driver, trailer owner, trucking company, and others could be liable in a commercial truck accident.

Reliable Legal Representation for a Trucking Accident

Anaheim Truck Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez carefully addresses every aspect of a lawsuit. As he is highly experienced and knowledgeable in how to handle insurance companies and their tactics, he can guide clients successfully through the bureaucracy. Insurance companies will put forth every effort to avoid paying. In cases where multiple insurance companies are involved in a single case, they often will all try to deny responsibility. Mr. Martinez is well aware of and ready for these tactics. He understands that allowing truck companies to violate state, federal, or local laws when operating heavy-duty commercial vehicles creates a danger to all on the road. Our truck accident law firm works to ensure that justice is served and proper compensation is paid to injured clients.

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