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Anaheim Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark S. Martinez provides representation for individuals injured in all types of motorcycle crashes. The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez work to gain the highest compensation for injured motorcycle riders and their passengers. We can help you recover from the serious injuries that result from off-road or on-the-street motorcycle accidents.

Our personal injury law firm understands the way a severe accident can impact your life. Often, a rider or passenger will have large medical bills and related financial obligations that are impossible to pay because they are not able to work due to their injuries. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Mark Martinez has already assisted many clients in gaining proper compensation for a motorcycle accident. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case, call us at (714) 442-9741.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Anaheim

Due to the unprotected nature of a motorcyclist’s vehicle, they are more vulnerable to mishaps and damage from a truck or car while on California’s roadways. When other drivers are inattentive, this leads to problems for those on a motorcycle. If another motorist does not check their mirrors, devastating injuries can result for a motorcycle rider.

If you or a loved one has been in any kind of motorcycle accident, finding knowledgeable legal representation is important. California Law allows a limited time for personal injury claims to be made after a motorcycle accident. Failing to take legal action within the allotted time can permanently waive the injured person’s right to the financial compensation that would otherwise be due. Although there are similarities between the way a car accident case and a motorcycle accident case should be handled, there are some differences. Anaheim Attorney Martinez understands the legal nuances involved and knows what is needed to gain the maximum compensation for clients.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries and Other Damages

If a motorcycle accident occurs and you have severe injuries, you should seek medical care immediately. If you are able, you may also take the following steps while still at the accident scene:

  1. Contact the local police so that they can come to the scene, assess the situation, and make a report.
  2. Take photos of the other driver’s license plate, insurance information, and driver’s license with your cell phone.
  3. Record the accident scene in video and/or photo format using your cell phone.
  4. Contact a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer.

Due to the more severe nature of a motorcycle rider’s injuries, the recovery process may be lengthy and painful. Depending on the extent and type of your injuries, all or some of the following types of compensation may be collected:

Lost Wages: payments to compensate for lost time and income from your job

Medical Expenses: compensation for all required medical care, including future medical treatment, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and physical therapy

Property Damage: monies for repairing your motorcycle (if possible), diminution in value of the motorcycle, rental vehicle (if needed), and loss of use

Monetary Damages: monetary compensation for loss of society, loss of consortium, loss of companionship, and pain & suffering

Punitive Damages: depending on the specifics of your case and whether reckless or intentional misconduct can be demonstrated on the part of the other party, punitive damages could be awarded

Consult a Knowledgeable Anaheim Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

After sustaining injuries during a motorcycle accident, there are some important steps needed to protect your rights. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Reach out to The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez by calling (714) 442-9741. We will schedule a personal consultation for you so we can answer questions, explain rights, and guide you in gaining compensation to begin recovering physically and monetarily after being injured in a motorcycle accident.